“The Signal Man,” by Charles Dickens, Plus Two Original Stories by K.S. Anglesey!

This week join Shawn in exploring three short stories that delve into the supernatural in very different ways, featuring two original works by K.S. Anglesey and “The Signal Man” by Charles Dickens!


0:00 – What is this, who am I, what are we doing here?

4:05 – Intro to K.S. Anglesey, Charles Dickens, and their stories

8:44 – “Saving Sasquatch,” by K.S. Anglesey

16:43 – “Your Application Has Been Processed,” by K.S. Anglesey

19:20 – “The Signal Man,” by Charles Dickens

46:40 – Afterword/Closing the Show

48:02 – What’s coming next week? See you then!


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